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An urban development workflow that empowers communities.

We are proud to be Transformcity’s digital partner, a complete toolkit for collaborative urban development. As cities shift from top-down development of new areas to transforming and densifying existing ones, the mission of Transformcity is to aid communities to grow a sustainable, inclusive local community of co-owners.

Branding big for transforming cities.


Beginning the project meant understanding the various user groups; from local citizens and business owners to large-scale project developers, the platform allows whole communities to feel included and represented as a stakeholder. The message needed to be clear and approachable, building a brand that represents and encourages all members of the community to get involved.

Design that speaks to communities worldwide.


Working together with Transformcity, it was clear that the need for collective urban development is global. From designing icons that are understood by all, to understanding the intricacies of map filters and how people access data worldwide, it was important we thought global from the beginning. We strategically designed with the world in mind and developed a user experience that has no borders.

A scrum project that keeps on growing.


Designing and developing a project of this magnitude, meant choosing a project management approach that can scale. By using a SCRUM approach, we have been able to identify important user stories along the way to ensure the optimum user experience is realized. By releasing in milestones, we’ve been able to user test along the way and make important strategical decisions on how to improve the platform.

Transforming technologies.


Building the platform using Mapbox as our map plugin, we have adapted the existing functionalities to allow for a distinction between projects, objects and data layers. Beyond this, we have connected API’s to allow for up-to-date map data and the latest crowdfunding reports. By adapting and developing these technologies, users can add and manage their own projects on the map, make informed decisions based on the information the data layers are providing and interact with their community at the click of a button.

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A platform that encourages conversation.


The power of this platform is bridging the gap between a local citizen and the teams of people behind the development of a local area. Our platform encourages people to create a profile, discuss and share projects and ideas, and back projects through crowdfunding methods. By allowing everyone to have a say, communities can grow to become more inclusive, stimulating community members to have a positive attitude to urban development in their district.

Giving communities power with data.


Although there are some collaborative platforms for urban development, Transformcity offers communities the power of data. With API’s connected to important data maps, citizens and business owners, as well as government employees, can make an informed decision about projects in their area. When you give everyone in a community the same rights and knowledge of the area, you can truly democratize urban development.

Planning for the future.


As the digital design and development partner of Transformcity, we are truly invested in securing the platform as a lead workflow for future urban development. Not only will the platform develop with the needs of future communities, it’ll give the guidance and confidence to communities to ensure their plans are realized. Transformcity will continue to grow becoming a knowledge base for urban development. By giving communities the tools and advice they need, we can empower communities to structurally self-organize.

“The biggest challenge was to make urban development accessible and insightful for a wide range of audiences. We created a digital service that enables them to shape cities together using the power of data.”

Floortje MeijerDigital designer
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