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The Fact Club

Interactive storytelling that brings facts into focus.

The Fact Club is an initiative of De Publieke Zaak, a platform for social innovation. They aim to stimulate public debate around social issues like employment, housing, healthcare and energy by sharing clear, objective facts. To make these facts more accessible to the average reader, De Publieke Zaak asked us to design two interactive reports that present the information in a playful, attractive way.

The impact of our work.

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Visitors on launch day
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Revealing the beauty of data.


We transformed raw data, spreadsheets and data analysis meetings into attractive and easy-to understand infographics that encouraged readers to browse, interact and dive deeper into the issues. Our aim was to create a playful experience through the journey of serious facts.

The fact club logo
The fact club infographic
The fact club infographic

Two stories, two experiences.


Each report represents a very different social issue (elections and the job market), and each report was being shared through different channels. So to help the topics stand out, we decided to create two distinct visual brands that use different fonts, colors and illustration styles to highlight and clarify the information.

The fact club arbeidsmarkt

Got inspired by this case?

Focusing on the essential facts.


Because this project was all about facts, we needed to be sure readers could verify where the data came from. At the same time, we had to focus on the essential details, and avoid cluttering the design with lots of visual noise. To keep the layout clean and tidy, we created an elegant solution: a slider on the right gives readers the ability to check the sources whenever they wish, without distracting from the most important points.

The logo, visual identity and attractive interactive reports helped De Publieke Zaak differentiate themselves from political players and stimulate debate around the social issues of the time.

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