Making it easier to choose what to study.

With a variety of programs and school locations, ROC TOP prepares students for their future careers with an emphasis on personal, individual attention. To promote their progressive value proposition, increase brand awareness and encourage conversions, they asked us to create a completely new website.

The impact of our work.

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A helping hand for indecisive students.


Deciding what to study is never an easy choice. To support prospective students during their decision-making process, we needed to present the crucial details in a very accessible way. Our design carefully balances practical information with elements that convey the experience of studying at ROC TOP. The layout keeps visitors interested without overwhelming them.

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To further assist indecisive students, we designed a fun, informal quiz that matches them to suitable programs. The tool helps students narrow down their options and learn a bit more about themselves along the way.

Different paths to the right program.


Students make decisions in different ways, so we came up with a navigation structure that aligned with ROC TOP’s personal approach. Depending on what’s important to each individual, they can filter the complete list of study programs, explore the possibilities by field or read personal stories from former students.

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Attractive to both students and parents.

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The ROC TOP website has two distinct audiences: prospective students and their parents. Each of these groups has different interests and sees the school’s offering in a different way. To create a look and feel that was attractive to all visitors, we used soft colors to highlight the various programs and photography that gives a clear impression of what it’s like to study at ROC TOP. Hand-drawn illustrations are the finishing touch that ties everything together. As a result, the website feels reliable, professional and approachable, all at the same time.


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Flexible content with a consistent look.


Each school in the ROC TOP network has a dedicated page on the website. We developed a flexible, easy-to-use CMS that allows the staff to edit content and create new components while ensuring that every page maintains the consistent, recognizable style.

With a new website, a personal approach and a look and feel that connects with its audiences, ROC TOP is better positioned to help the future students find the right program. We’re excited to watch the school and their students achieve even more success in the years to come.

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Thanks to the fresh and innovative design, we can now positively differentiate ourselves from other schools with our website.

Claudia Siebe, communications adviserROC TOP
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