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An e-commerce user journey that builds a brand experience.

QWIC is an award-winning company focused on developing innovative e-bikes that are integrated with a fun factor, just like their new website. Established in 2006 and with a passionate team of designers and engineers, every e-bike is designed from scratch with pure passion and Dutch craftsmanship.

The impact of our work.

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Honorable Mention by Awwwards

Dutch Design at its best.


To make an impact in the fast-growing e-bike market, Booreiland was tasked with building a website that expressed the Dutch design quality of the QWIC e-bike. When we began collaborating with QWIC it was clear they needed a website that was quick and high-functioning, just like their e-bikes, while still capturing their varied user groups. To ensure this, we integrated multiple customer journeys to accommodate the different goals of each user group.

A unique e-commerce experience.


Building the website using WordPress with WooCommerce meant an enormous amount of development work to adapt the standard state of WooCommerce into a unique e-commerce experience. We created a brand new product overview for each e-bike and adapted the checkout like no-other. We also integrated Mapbox to help users find their nearest QWIC reseller, because we wanted to offer them a full e-commerce experience.

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Responsive, clean & quick.


From a slow website to a quick one for QWIC. We built in custom functions to automatically resize images to ensure fast loading times, without losing quality. We also used liquid responsiveness to ensure the site looks great across all screen sizes. The site was designed with Dutch design in mind and solidifies their branding, with a crisp and clean, yet modern layout that represents the brand QWIC and its modern, design-led approach to their product.

Together with Booreiland we’ve mapped the complete customer journey and translated it to our website. Based on this journey a top notch website has been created, which tells our story from beginning to end.
Anieke van der Lee, brand marketeer QWIC

Helping users make an e-bike choice.


Users may be on QWIC’s website but how do they know what they are looking for? With a ‘help you choose’ wizard, the site allows the user to have a personalized and engaging experience. Built to be fast and effective, it’s tied to product attributes in the back-end, to ensure the user makes the right choice.

“Our biggest technical challenge was to adapt the standard WooCommerce product configurator in such a way that we could embed our custom design and push the user experience beyond the one of a classic e-commerce webshop.”

Toine KampsWeb developer
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