PEP Flex

A user friendly interface for tracking time.

Founded in 1929, Nedap is one of the Netherlands’s oldest and most prestigious technology companies, developing sensors and related software for a wide range of industries. After a long and leisurely drive to their head office in Groenlo, we presented the winning pitch to redesign the user interface for PEP Flex, their time-tracking system for employment agencies.

A painless approach to administration.


Nobody likes filling in forms, but for employment agencies, accurate time tracking is crucial to success. Combined with a system of special sensors and readers, the PEP Flex web app makes this process as pain-free as possible for both agencies and employees.

After reviewing the user journey and system capabilities, we created an updated interface to make the app more attractive and improve the user experience. The new design uses a calm white and gray background with warm, colorful accents to give the software a consistent and approachable look and feel.

Pepflex Logo
Peplex customers
Pepflex data

Enhanced reporting and custom capabilities.


In addition to the overall visual design, we created new components to extend the capabilities of PEP Flex. For example, we made a new agenda component as well as an organization chart element that can be adjusted to any company. The new dashboard was another major achievement, offering users a quick overview of the most essential information with a variety of charts.

Pepflex macbook

Designed for ultimate flexibility.


While creating the user interface for PEP Flex, we constantly kept one major design challenge in mind: The company planned to sell the platform as a white label product. That meant everything we created had to be flexible enough to be rebranded, without losing its core identity. Our solution was to include a few design features that were easy to customize, including the typeface, color palette and main accent color.

With a clean, modern look, consistent functionality and flexible design elements PEP Flex is now ready to tackle the fast-paced world of recruitment and make administration easier for employment agencies worldwide.

Pepflex typo
Pepflex colors

For PEP Flex, we were looking for a fresh new look that would work for the upcoming 10 years. And with Booreiland's design, that's exactly what we got.

Jacques Hakvoort, software engineerNedap Staffing Solutions