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A native app created to give users an overview of their financial health.

MyMoney lets you quickly and easily view your financial situation in one app. Think pensions, savings, investments and house value, all in one handy dashboard together with a calculated rating, visualizing how ‘healthy’ your finances are and how you compare to your peer group. Built and branded from scratch we are currently at Minimal Viable Product (MVP) stages, ready for user testing, before future optimizations are mapped out and automation of user input data is realized.

An MVP as proof of concept.


The project’s goal was to create an MVP, available to the public for free, to gauge interest and understand how users interacted with the data as a proof of concept. As an MVP, it requires the user to enter manual financial data, we wanted to test what users engaged with most and if it met expectations. From there we aimed to map updates that would improve the experience and connect most used services for an improved, automated experience.

Branding for millennials without alienating older user groups.


The target audience for the app are mainly the broad millennial group, however the client did not want to alienate older users. With some key fitness apps as inspiration, the app was designed to have a fresh feel that promoted users to improve their score. Our design team incorporated bright colours to guide users, contrasted against a minimalist style to create an easy going look and feel, distracting from the serious nature of the app.

Financial fitness gamified.


In order to encourage users to interact with the app regularly there was an obvious need for a form of gamification. Rating meters and peer group comparison options were requested as part of the MVP, with the long term view of providing automatic updates, increasing the need to open the app to check progress. Incorporated at this stage of the product roadmap also allowed for the concept’s importance to be measured with the user group, before building out further.

Developing for an MVP that can easily scale.


Our development team began the project with a technical design, researching the optimum solutions to lay the basis for an MVP, while allowing for future scale. Our developers chose to run with Google Firebase and Cloud Firestore, permitting data to be synced across apps, while offering user accounts that are secure, with an impenetrable database and server.

Built in Expo and React native for an open-source app framework.


For building this native app, we required a framework that allowed development for both iOS and Android. Expo allows developers to reuse UI components, which means a native app can be built to work across devices without having to be built separately. Accompany this with React allowing for users to interact with the data without reloading the page, we’ve been able to build a fast app, without compromising user experience all at the MVP stage.

Got inspired by this case?

Complex calculations designed as easy building blocks.


In order to provide ratings for users, in-app calculations are required. Data that the user provided had to be arranged in order of importance for overall calculation of net-worth, with values being attributed to basic information. For this project, the calculations were provided by he client and developed as part of the app by the Booreiland development team, playing to each team’s strength.

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