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A knowledge hub to promote Fairtrade.

Max Havelaar is the foundation responsible for overseeing and promoting the Fairtrade label throughout The Netherlands. With stakeholders at every step of the supply chain, from farmers and retailers to consumers, Max Havelaar needed a new corporate website that could address the requirements of all these different groups.

Two websites in one.

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The Max Havelaar website contains a huge amount of information, but some of the content is only relevant for specific readers. So we created a website that’s split by their two major target audiences: consumers and businesses. The toggle at the top of each page takes visitors straight to the information they need, while color coding makes two sections visually distinct.

Max Havelaar website
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A friendly approach to a serious story.


The goal of Max Havelaar and Fairtrade is to help farmers and workers earn better incomes. It’s certainly a serious topic, but the organization prefers to focus on the benefits and positive side of supporting fair products. We reinforced Max Havelaar’s identity with soft illustrations that make their important messages more approachable, helping them to educate businesses and consumers in a lighthearted way.

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A user experience built on trust.


The Max Havelaar website offers a different user journey to each of its audiences. Consumers are invited to explore Fairtrade from different angles, for example by reading farmer stories or browsing available products. The business section is focused on conversion by showing the benefits of becoming a partner. Transparency and rich, detailed information is what unites the user experience on every part of the website, helping build trust with all of the readers.

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A playful way to calculate impact.


In addition to the website, we designed the visuals for an interactive tool to help consumers, businesses and events learn more about their environmental footprint. Each step of the quiz is accompanied by playful graphics that add a bit of fun to the user journey. The quiz concludes with an overview of your impact and encourages you to compensate your carbon emissions.

The dual-purpose website design and interactive quiz are helping Max Havelaar communicate with their core audiences, spread the positive message of Fairtrade and expand their network of partners to every corner of the Netherlands.

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Booreiland led us through the complicated process of redesigning the entire website and a variety of other elements. We're very pleased with all the delightful designs they've made for us, as well as their pro-active approach to incorporating the latest technologies.

Jenna Heysters, marketing & communications managerMax Havelaar

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