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Battling food waste with an enticing website.

Instock puts a delicious spin on the serious issue of food waste. Through their restaurants, food truck and products they spread the word about the importance of saving food while dishing up tasty meals from ingredients that were destined for the bin. To spread their message in a fun and appealing way, they asked us to redesign their corporate website.

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A deceptively simple website that does it all.


To tell the complex story of food waste, Instock needed a website that allowed people to learn more about the issue, make a reservation, book an event space and more – all with a light, welcoming touch.

Using a simple layout and bold, colorful photographs, the home page immediately guides visitors to the most important parts of the website, encouraging them to click and start engaging with the rest of the content.

Instock Ipad phone

A clean menu with room to grow.


To support the clean layout, we limited the top navigation to a few discreet icons. But one click on the menu icon gives visitors a complete overview of the content, taking them quickly to the information they’re looking for. It also offers the option to add additional links without cluttering up the home page.

Instock illustration




Instock restaurant
We're still getting compliments on the design of our website. So for beautiful web design and a great user experience, Booreiland is the place to be.
Freke van Nimwegen, co-founder Instock

A rich story told in five steps.

Instock food tray

We used the home page to tell Instock’s story in a rich, dynamic way. The information is arranged in five chapters, using whimsical, carefully crafted visuals to explain how and why Instock is battling food waste in an engaging way. The page concludes with a clear call to get involved and support their mission. The result? Increased awareness and a growing community finding tempting new ways to fight a major problem.

Instock Macbook

“Apart from a surprising menu, Instock also has a nice and important story to tell. To get this message across to visitors in the best possible way, we chose for a spacious setup with an accessible visual language.”

Björn van GinkelDigital designer
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