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Taking the leap towards digital transformation.

INREV is the European authority on non-listed real estate investments. The association provides a wealth of information like market data, guidelines and assessments to improve best practices and make the sector more attractive to investors. To ensure this information is easily accessible to their users, INREV challenged us to design new data tools for their website. This is the first step in transitioning all of their data services to support seamless user interaction.

Better navigation combats text overload.


INREV’s website contains an immense amount of information which can be overwhelming to their visitors. To help readers quickly find relevant content, Booreiland created a new navigation structure that relies on subtle visual cues. The benefits are especially clear on text-heavy pages like the INREV Guidelines, where a side menu dynamically reacts to the reader’s position on the page.

Inrev Macbook
Inrev skyline

Clear, flexible assessment tools.


To help members assess a fund’s performance and ensure it complies with industry standards, INREV offers a range of online self assessments. After analyzing the user journey, we created a design that makes these online questionnaires as clear, flexible and enjoyable as possible. The new design gives members more freedom to provide input, a clear overview of their progress and attractive visuals that summarize their final score.

Inrev vehicle dashboard overview
Inrev Vehicle testing

Infographics and illustrations.

inrev infographic

Thoughtful design for a new digital strategy.


We’re very excited to be part of INREV’s digital transformation journey. The elements mentioned above are just the start of an on-going collaboration to create and implement user-friendly designs that improve data delivery and interaction, helping INREV expand their reach and reinforce their position as industry experts.

Interactive magazine as part of INREV's digital transformation
Inrev IG magazine
With their expertise, creativity and dedication, Booreiland made our online tools user friendly and highly valued. Together, we've created a great-looking online tool.
Maurits Cammeraat, director of professional standards INREV
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