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Hatch Studio

A design-forward approach for a disruptive startup.

Hatch Studio is transforming showroom and wholesale selling experiences for fashion brands, making it faster, smarter and more sustainable. With Hatch’s roots in the fashion industry, design comes as part of their DNA. We were challenged to build their branding around their disruptive nature, with a design-forward approach to their new corporate website, making sure Hatch stands out from their competitors.

When time is of the essence.


When companies grow fast they often have urgent needs. Hatch’s success meant time was of the essence. We began by delivering an MVP website to establish their brand and give them an online presence fast. By using a smart development strategy, the website was able to evolve. With the full website currently live, users are provided with the opportunity to discover Hatch while converting them into solid leads.

A collaborative design approach.


With a talented design team at Hatch, the project was a collaboration between teams, pushing their branding forward, expanding and shaping their existing style into a workable style guide that works for the web. Because Hatch designs and creates the digital showroom with its own UI design, we also had to ensure the external facing identity complemented the design style of Hatch’s products.

Company vs. product.


Like most SaaS companies, Hatch found it difficult how to balance product presentation—the Digital Showroom—with their more general company info and brand story. We helped them find this balance by choosing a slightly firmer company identity and a slightly softer product identity. Hatch offers highly customized solutions for clients, so creating a website based solely on the Digital Showroom would make no sense. Plus, Hatch as a company and the additional services it offers are also very valuable for their product customers.

Got inspired by this case?



Using a headless CMS we were able to give the client a familiar WordPress environment while having fantastic performance on the client side. We build hatchstudio.co as a React app that renders on the server side using next.js, leaving the heavy lifting to the server and resulting in a better experience for the user. The animated blobs you find throughout the website represent Hatch’s fluidity and fexibility when it comes to creating solutions for their customers. These animations are crafted using SVG animations making them lightweight and run smoothly on people’s devices. Very snappy.

“Because both our companies are so design focused, the alignment between us was great. Therefore Booreiland was able to collaborate with Hatch intensively to push their brand identity to the next level.”

Jonatan van der HorstDigital designer
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