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Expanding a movement with a compelling story.

By creating smartphones, Fairphone wants to make the electronics sector more ethical. Led by social and environmental values, they are working to improve the supply chain, step by step. As the company transitioned from a serious startup to a more established social enterprise, they needed a website that could help consumers understand their mission and join their movement for fair electronics.

Selling a story instead of a product.


When we began our collaboration their phones were sold out, but Fairphone was still working to involve more customers to the next step. Our design invited visitors to explore the story’s different perspectives at their own pace: highlighting key points while allowing readers to dig deeper into the areas they found most interesting. We also provided tools that allowed the community to share and participate in Fairphone’s mission.

Fairphone ipad
fairphone infographic
fairphone infographic
Photography by KesselsKramer
Fairphone phones

Positive, colorful visual language.


From mining conditions to unfair wages, the Fairphone story covers some heavy topics. But instead of dwelling on the negative, the company wanted to focus on making positive improvements. We used a white background to create a clean canvas for the content, accented by bright, happy colors and simple one-stroke illustrations. The resulting visual language was young, appealing and supported Fairphone’s open communication style.

Fairphone colorpalet
Fairphone photo

Fun, interactive financial insight.


Because transparency is one of Fairphone’s core values, they wanted to show readers the costs associated with making a phone. And they asked us to make this financial information more fun. Our interactive cost breakdown tool led visitors through the costs step by step, encouraging playful interaction and showing the complete picture without drowning them in numbers.

Fairphone website

Consistent branding for every interaction.


Every part of the Fairphone website had to offer a consistent experience, but it was actually made up of many different applications, including a blog, social media aggregator, user forum, customer service center and online shop. We overcame a range of technical challenges to streamline the visual brand and create a consistent user experience across every part of the website.

The website, visual branding and accompanying tools helped Fairphone on their path to becoming a more grownup company while expanding their movement for fair electronics.

With a flexible approach and clever suggestions, Booreiland helped make Fairphone's complex story more accessible to our community.
Joe Mier, communications manager Fairphone
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