Powerful analytics in a user friendly platform.

Crunchr is an online platform that gives HR managers useful insights into their workforce. The system uses big data tools and applications to make it easy to collect, analyze and report on their employee data and use it to make solid decisions. Focus Orange, the company that developed Crunchr, asked us to design the complete user experience, from branding to every user interaction.

Creating a brand from the bottom up.


To stand out in the emerging HR technology market, we aimed to create a strong, yet approachable brand. Working together with Crunchr’s awesome team, we started by defining the brand values. From there we created a visual language that connected to the brand’s personality and target audience. We also came up with a catchy name: Crunchr. This firm branding foundation guided our approach to the rest of the design process.

crunchr macbook
crunchr logos

Four steps to user friendly insights.


Crunchr produces sophisticated analytics, but the information is only valuable if you know how to use it. To give users a gradual introduction to this powerful data platform, we broke their journey down into four easy steps: learn, play, build and return.

These steps formed the basis of our interaction design. As users progress through the platform, they first learn the basic functionality and how to read the data. From there they can play with the information to discover new insights, build custom reports and discover advanced capabilities.

crunchr flow
Crunchr platform

Crunching data can be beautiful.


Visual design was also a big part of making data analytics more approachable for users. We used bright, friendly colors against a dark backdrop for the control panels to offer a more playful feeling. In contrast, we chose soft, calm colors for the reports and charts to keep the focus on the data.

Crunchr colorcodes

Digital style guide guards user experience.


The developers at Crunchr never rest – they’re always optimizing functionality and adding new features. To keep the visual style consistent, we offered the developers a helping hand with our interactive style guide. This repository of digital building blocks lets developers copy/paste components instead of coding them from scratch. From font sizes to color schemes, all the essential style elements at just a click away.

Crunchr Styleguide

Booreiland always delivers great designs. They listen to our ideas and translate them into useful visualizations.

Dirk Jonker, managing directorCrunchr
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