A digital campaign full of presents and warm memories.

Bol.com asked Booreiland to create a playful digital experience to connect with their loyal customers during the Sinterklaas holidays. A carefully crafted digital campaign was a beautiful gift to loyal customers to remind them to stay playful and enjoy the holidays.

The impact of our work.

People reached
People engaged in experience
Of people played till the end

Beautiful activation emails.


The first impression was crucial to reach the audience. An email with a link to the digital experience was the first trigger sent to the customer. The design of the email enticed the customer to discover more. We made sure that the emails were displayed perfectly in every email system so that every customer had the same look and feel regardless of which email program they used.

High-end WebGL animation.


Warm memories brought back with a time machine! The idea is simple, we all cherish the toys, characters and many other products that gave us joy when we were younger. The customer sees the gifts that represent his or her cherished childhood memorabilia, and plays with the time machine to reveal the parallels of nowadays.

We used 2D animations within the pixi.js framework, all rendered in WebGL to create this fun digital journey that remind us we can always stay playful and enjoy Sinterklaas as we used to!

Multi-device, cross-platform & secure.


We made the experience accessible to all customers regardless of which device, operating system or browser they used. We made sure to comply with Bol’s highest security standards and to smoothly integrate our work into their own environment.

Sharing the experience.


While the focus of the project was to connect with loyal customers, we included an option to let the user share the experience with others to further spread the positive brand message.