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Embracing loyal customers with an experience.

Bol.com is a leading webshop in the Netherlands for every imaginable consumer product. Together with the CRM team at Bol.com Booreiland has created ‘De Wereld Van Bol.com’. In this world you’ll find different games available to give thanks to Bol.com’s loyal customers.

The impact of our work.

Individual users
Of users played twice
Hours total consumption time

Designing the digital service.


After 2 successful campaigns for Sinterklaas and Christmas in 2017, we were approached by Bol.com to create a rewarding experience for customers, to say thanks to the top 20% of loyal customers at Bol.com. We began with a workshop and soon managed to extract the important values the CRM team should and wanted to communicate. After a few internal brainstorm sessions, we presented our ideas, and the world was discovered.

Photography by Bol.com

Exploring De Wereld Van Bol.com.


The world was formed to give users something entertaining, well designed, and enjoyable which they are triggered to use after making a purchase. By providing a rewarding experience after a customer makes a purchase, we set out to promote Bol.com with positive reinforcement, without having to give away discounts or free stuff. At the moment you’ll find 3 games available in the world, ‘Zoek je Pakketje’, ‘Opgeruimd staat netjes’ and ‘Wat ben ik?’

Summer & winter landscapes

Taking Bol.com out of their comfort zone.


Take a look at the world and you might not immediately think Bol.com. Bright, primary colors and high contrasts together with a scalable isometric experience. The world turned everything that you thought you knew about Bol.com on its head, and challenged users to see a different side to ‘De winkel van ons allemaal’.

Concepts that still say Bol.com.


As a team, it was important that the games we created entertained users and kept them engaged, without becoming a completely over-branded digital experience for the user. The concepts had to say Bol.com without being a game about a webshop.

Zoek Je Pakketje

A game which requires users to find their ‘lost’ package in a ‘Where’s Wally’-style search. The design was specifically isometric, with two shades of blue to make the search as difficult as possible. Add in a timer, some music that makes you feel the pressure and you’ve got a game that has had a total consumption time of more than 1298 hours!

Opgeruimd Staat Netjes
How many products can you remember in a row? This game tested a user’s memory whilst using Bol.com’s social media communication style. Users could choose a ‘cleaning’ avatar, remembering what the avatar had ‘found’ building up to 15 products. This game had users excelling or finding this a (very) difficult task.

Ra, Ra, Wat Ben Ik?
During the concept phase, we were searching for a family Christmas game, a game that brought people together while using their mobile devices. There had to be a connection to Bol.com, it had to be able to be played in a group and without user accounts or a database attached for GDPR reasons. Oh, and we hoped people would play it multiple times. It was tough, but we came up with a great ‘Who am I’-style question game. Using products from Bol.com, the game is fun and straight-forward, perfect for the family.

To the world’s future.


As a new year entered, as with everything digital, campaigns change and move fast. But with some strong figures and a better understanding of how to trigger users and when, we are excited about a growing world which becomes more diverse, inclusive and integrated.

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