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Web developer

Ready to join the team?

We are currently looking for a full-stack web developer who likes to build custom platforms and rich web experiences. Interested? Just hit the Apply Now button below. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

The skills we're looking for.

  • Front-end

    You have a strong love for super slick front-ending. You think in transitions and effects in order to create the best user experience possible. You know your way around HTML, Sass, Javascript and React / Next.js. Your code is clean and efficient. Experience with Pixi and WebGL is a plus.

  • Back-end

    Pretty interfaces are one thing, but making sure they run smoothly on a solid back-end is another. You love to architect smart back-end structures. You have enough experience with PHP and Node to build fairly large, solid and secure websites and you can build a custom WordPress theme from scratch. You know how to separate data from views according to MVC principles. Experience with templating engines like Blade or Twig is a plus.

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  • Solid & structured

    You will be responsible for the backbone of medium to fairly large websites. Whether alone, with colleagues or with partners, you make sure your timeline estimations are sound and you deliver on time. Using continuous integration and deployment tools, you’re responsible for live production environments. And of course your code is super solid and readable by others.

  • Creative

    You’re creative in that you come up with relevant smart new solutions that push the current state of the web. You have an affinity with design and a general feeling for what type of interactions will work on the web.

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  • Pro-active

    You are actively thinking about how to make things better. That means coming up with solutions that we haven’t thought about. You’re the expert developer.

  • Versatile

    You are strong in web development, but not afraid to leave your comfort zone. Maybe you’ll try a little Swift for iOS one day?

  • Languages & EU working permit

    You have a good level of English and preferably Dutch as well. If you are originally from outside the EU, you are in possession of a valid EU working permit.

What we have to offer.

  • Digital design from Amsterdam

    We’ve been doing business out of Amsterdam for more than 10 years. Most of our clients are also from the Amsterdam area. We like the spirit of the people here and the overall feeling of community.

  • Creative office

    Our office resides in Amsterdam Houthavens, and has high ceilings and an amazing harbor view. We call it the Bazaar and share it with another kick-ass agency. Of course premium coffee is a given.

  • A team to learn from

    We stimulate each other to work as a team, and let our developers and designers learn from each other. This makes it possible to push the boundaries of technology while keeping it feasible at the same time.

  • A fresh mix of projects

    We do a lot of different projects in the digital field, and we try to keep a healthy balance between big client work, smaller start-ups and self-initiated projects. This mix makes it fun and keeps our work fresh.

  • Keeping it casual

    As much as we strive to deliver cutting-edge quality work and constantly try to push ourselves, we like to keep a casual vibe at the office and enjoy having lunch together.

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