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Digital producer

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We are currently looking for a digital producer to help us make sure we deliver the best quality in the most efficient way. Interested? Just hit the Apply Now button below. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

The skills we're looking for.

  • Project management

    You are a born project manager, someone who knows how to manage internal and external resources and to meet deadlines no matter what. You are comfortable managing a range of different projects, and you’re good at multi-tasking. You ensure that projects run on time and within budget. Therefore you create clear plans and keep them updated along the way. You’re always one step ahead when it comes to planning.

  • Ownership

    You are the central leader in projects. You are aware of the project goals and you defend both the interests of the client and of your team. It helps if you have some technical knowledge to geek along with our designers and developers in order to tackle the challenges. You are aware of the impact of certain decisions and you know how to prioritize the work.

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  • Communications

    As a producer you are the main point of contact for our clients. You have a positive, open and problem-solving attitude. You are in charge of informing everyone about the expected work and deliverables and ensure there is a good communication flow. You know when and how to lead meetings in an efficient way and how to follow up agreements effectively.

  • New business

    As you lead projects from beginning to end, you will be able to spot new business opportunities along the way. You feel confident to pitch new ideas to the client—maybe with the help of our Creative or Managing Director—and you are able to convert these ideas into new business.

  • Pro-active

    You are actively thinking about how to make things better. That means coming up with solutions that we haven’t thought about. You’re the expert producer.

  • We're open to everyone

    You have a good level of both Dutch and English. If you are originally from outside the EU, you are in possession of a valid EU working permit.

What we have to offer.

  • Digital design from Amsterdam

    We’ve been doing business out of Amsterdam for more than 10 years. Most of our clients are also from the Amsterdam area. We like the spirit of the people here and the overall feeling of community.

  • Creative office

    Our office resides in Amsterdam Houthavens. Its custom interior design boasts high ceilings and generous standing desks. We have a huge sunny terrace which is very nice in the summer. We serve premium coffee.

  • A MacBook

    You’ll get a work MacBook which you’re free to take home with you.

  • A team to learn from

    We stimulate each other to work as a team, and let our developers and designers learn from each other. This lets us push the boundaries of design technology and have great user experiences as a result.

  • A fresh mix of projects

    We do a lot of different projects in the digital field, and we try to keep a healthy balance between big client work, smaller start-ups and self-initiated projects. This mix makes it fun and keeps our work fresh.

  • Deep Dive Day

    Every 2 months we’ll organize the Deep Dive Day, in which everyone is encouraged to spend one full day on experimenting with anything you like. Whatever you do though, you have to present it to everybody else at the end of the day.

  • Keeping it casual

    As much as we strive to deliver cutting-edge quality work and constantly try to push ourselves, we like to keep a casual vibe at the office and enjoy having lunch together.

  • Hybrid working

    Ever since Covid-19 we have a hybrid working system, in which we balance office days with home-working days. In order to keep the team spirit up, we’re doing daily stand-ups and occasional end-of-day Zoom sessions, where everything from psychological health to the newest Netflix series and sudden grown hobbies are being discussed 🙂

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