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Discover ways to approach your digital challenges

Prototyping lab

Hack together a quick digital prototype to assess its viability.

Validate your ideas with a digital prototype.

Often an idea is formed and implemented without user testing the concept and understanding the true requirements of the feature or product. After 10 years of digital design, at Booreiland it’s clear that user validation reduces risk and increases acceptance by your audiences. With new concepts come unknowns and although we can apply our experience and expertise, nothing is ever sure. That’s why we suggest creating quick digital prototypes and user testing concepts before realizing a full design, allowing you to test and optimize before implementing. With our flexible approach and custom processes, we can approach your project how you need us to. With our prototyping lab we can join you and your team to understand your business quickly, working in a collaborative approach to hack together something smart.

Quickly validate your ideas.

Our prototyping lab is strategically fast. We want to pressure cook your ideas to get a prototype together that can help you assess its viability, understanding whether it meets your customer and business priorities. When we work fast it’s best to work together with you, minimizing time lost in revision rounds or feedback processes, meaning our time is spent optimizing concepts and prototypes. With the prototype we can user test, allowing for pain points or areas for improvement to be understood. By thinking along with you and your business, we can create a solution that combines our expertise and generates an improved product or service.

Discover ways to approach your digital challenges.

From prototype to developed product.


Generate ideas and concepts with a creative workshop that pushes you to think differently about your business.

UX design

Before creating the prototype, it’s important to understand your user's interactions with the feature or product.

Visual design

Once the user interactions are understood a visual design can be applied to bring it to life for testing.


Using various tools to create a clickable prototype fast we can apply the UX and visual design for testing.

User testing

With the prototype we are in a position to test what we’ve delivered and understand how users truly interact with it.


User testing will provide insights that allow our team to update and make changes before it is implemented.