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Discover ways to approach your digital challenges

Digital service design

Design or improve the online service for your customers.

Discover your customer experience potential.

Digital service design is the art of designing or improving your services and customer experiences. At Booreiland we give you the tools and guidance you need to realize the full potential of your digital services. We help you understand your customer journey, how users interact with your brand and how to communicate best with your varied user personas. It’s about finding a careful balance between your customer’s priorities, your business priorities and taking a design thinking approach for your brand.

What will service design deliver?

Service design for your brand will result in you delivering a better service and a better customer experience. To get started we often begin with workshops that help spark your creative side and approach your brand’s services from a different perspective. We’ve been running workshops for over 10 years, helping our clients create the ultimate user journey. In 2012, Booreiland created a set of cards that challenges you to think creatively about your business – 75 Tools for Creative Thinking. By means of these methods, along with our knowledge and experiences, we help you understand your value proposition, map your user profiles and ultimately, improve your customer journey.

Discover ways to approach your digital challenges.

Little steps to digital service design.

User interviews

Get to know who your users really are and understand their pains and gains.

Digital service design workshops

Understand your value proposition and how to apply design thinking to your business.

Customer mapping

Learn when and how your users will interact with your brand, what pains are you relieving and what gains are you creating?

User testing

Test your current digital service or a brand new concept using a prototype. Understand what improvements are needed before implementing as part of your customer journey.

User validation

By user testing prototypes before concepts are implemented, you create less risk and a more rewarding customer experience, faster.