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Digital product development

Create a pilot within weeks and scale it up to a professional platform.

Get the most out of your time.

At Booreiland we’ve been building platforms that create change for over 10 years. Over this time we’ve learned the importance of delivering a pilot before scaling up, allowing for acceptance and investment by organizations and communities. During your Digital product development, we guide you through the planning stages ensuring our time is invested where you need it most. Using an agile approach, we work together with you to prioritize tasks, ensuring we generate a pilot in weeks so that testing can start, meaning we know what aspects work and scaling up is a smooth process.

What can a platform deliver?

New technologies mean customers expectations evolve, in order to meet these ever-growing expectations, businesses are delivering more intricate digital experiences. What may have once survived as an off-line identity now needs a digital stage to reach users. With our digital product development, we work together with you to understand what your users want and need, and how to deliver this experience and customer journey as smoothly and as well rehearsed as possible. We begin with delivering a pilot so that interactions can be tested and where to grow the platform for the biggest return on investment can be understood.

Curious what digital product development can do for you?

From pilot to professional platform.

Value proposition

Understand where the value for your customers truly lies.

Customer mapping

Get to know your users and what their real motivations are.

Customer journey

Learn how users will interact with your platform and when.

Full design

Interaction and visual designs thought through by our creative team.

In-house development

Our developers work in-house with our designers to deliver what’s promised.

User testing

Validate the platform, and the decisions made by user testing a pilot before scaling.