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New technologies create winners and losers. Companies that grow and meet their customer’s evolving expectations and those that only implement surface level changes and fail to meet the new benchmarks. Today’s companies and brands need to be more personal, intuitive and responsive to the needs of their customers. They need to create the ultimate customer experience, and that’s where service design comes in.

Curious what service design can do for you?

What is service design?

Service design is the art of designing and improving services and customer experiences. It’s about planning the people 
you need and the components required to improve the interaction between your brand and your customers. If you
 want to apply service design it’s important to have an understanding of design thinking, an approach that combines creativity and logic in order to provide solutions which keep your focus on your customer. This way you’re able to design the desired customer journey resulting in the best customer experience. Good service design usually involves the following steps:

1 - User research

Understand your users and their personas by doing user interviews and context mappings.

2 - Value proposition design

Identify your business priorities and value proposition using creative business tools.

3 - Customer journey mapping

Design an omni-channel customer journey that reveals interrelated brand touchpoints.

4 - Service blueprinting

Design the new service for your customers and align the backstage processes needed to deliver it.

5 - UX design

Create concepts and solutions to improve the interaction between your brand and your customers.

6 - User validation

User test your concepts with prototypes to validate your assumptions.

Curious what service design can do for you?

Why should I apply service design?

Good services have one thing in common: they have all parts that make up the total service working properly and consistently. Whether a user chooses to interact with your brand via phone or chatbot, they should get the same proper support, and this takes planning and people. With service design you have an understanding of how all components interrelate to form a cohesive customer experience and what assets you need internally and externally to deliver it.

Scaling the new customer experience.

Whether you work in a big or small organisation, change is hard. It requires supporting materials and for stakeholders to be fully on board. Service design provides the tools to implement and manage this process. It’s about designing the full service and that also means how it’s rolled out to deliver the new service. Whether you’re a marketing or HR manager, brand guardian or entrepreneur, equip your team and organisation with the right methods and resources, and make customer-centered changes happen by engaging all stakeholders and supporting teams. Now you’re on your way to equipping your company and brand with service design.

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