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Before UX, blueprint

Imagine an oil rig at sea, there is a structure above water that’s obvious to an onlooker because it’s above a visible line. But, if you go underwater, below what’s visible, you find the drilling mechanism and the structure’s foundations. These vital parts of the oilrig are doing most of the work, from drilling to keeping the structure afloat. Much like an oil rig, every company has its foundations and mechanisms below a visible line. What’s above the visible line is what your customers see, but when you create a service there are many processes required that your customer will never see. Whether you are completely digital or have a combination of digital and offline touchpoints, your service survives by having the right processes in place, the right people in position and an understanding of your customers.

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Q&A with Jelmer Lavèn of QWIC

A sit-down with Jelmer, brand marketer at QWIC, in which we dove into the e-bike industry and the company's digital strategy.
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Digital Service Design: where service design meets UX

Essay about Digital Service Design, and how this process can help businesses provide the best digital service for their customers.
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How to be a next-generation city-maker

Plea about city-making as a collaborative approach to create inclusive local communities of co-owners.
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10 Things to consider when creating a SaaS platform

About the struggles SaaS companies encouter, and what we can learn from their endeavors.
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