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How digital agencies and their clients are becoming one team

As digital agency we traditionally work with clients to conceptualize, create and then optimize digital products, all done in close cooperation with them. As their businesses become almost solely digital, we’ve noticed some have their own internal development and design teams. As a result their needs from us as external agency are shifting. In this article I’ll outline some best practices and tools we use to effectively collaborate within these new team setups and make sure our work is used optimally.

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Minimal Wim: a digital type experiment

Awwwarded site of the day, dedicated to Wim Crouwel
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Before UX, blueprint

Find out how service blueprinting is needed to deliver a good service.
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Q&A with Jelmer Lavèn of QWIC

A sit-down in which we dove into the e-bike industry and the company's digital strategy.
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Digital Service Design: where service design meets UX

How this process can help businesses provide the best digital service for their customers.
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How to be a next-generation city-maker

City-making as a collaborative approach to create inclusive local communities of co-owners.
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10 Things to consider when creating a SaaS platform

About the struggles SaaS companies encouter, and what we can learn from their endeavors.
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