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The digital world can be a complex place. As creative digital agency we use design thinking techniques to help you create clarity and make the right decisions for your digital business. From there we work with you closely to create a digital product or service for your audience that truly boosts your business. Are you ready to make a difference? Let’s dive into digital.

How we work.

  • The Boring© Program

    Over the years we’ve developed our own project approach, called The Boring© Program, which provides a structured way to successfully create digital products and services that last. This 3-step journey takes into account aspects from business, design and technology, and acknowledges the iterative nature of digital innovation.

  • Step 1 — Think

    Every successful creation starts by asking the right questions. Whether we’re working on your digital product, doing a design sprint or creating a new brand, we examine the issue from every angle and set clear goals and KPIs to measure the results.

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  • Step 2 — Create

    We make your goals tangible with digital products and services that combine beautiful design with clean implementation. Our multidisciplinary process includes UX and visual design, as well as front-end and back-end development.

  • Step 3 — Optimize

    The digital world is a dynamic place. To ensure you stay relevant and maximize your results, we keep testing and analyzing the performance of your digital product or service. From there we outline an optimization and support plan that matches your needs.

Meet the team.


Toine Kamps

Web developer

Vivien Kinnear

Vivien Kinnear

Digital producer

Jonatan van der Horst

Jonatan van der Horst

Digital designer

Abel Schupp

Web developer

Rachelle Bosman

Web developer

Wimer Hazenberg

Creative director

Menno Huisman

Managing director

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