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We are Booreiland.


A digital design agency from Amsterdam. We create custom tools and rich web experiences. We believe that a top-notch user experience is the best way to keep your customers engaged. No matter where they interact with you in the digital world, we make sure they enjoy themselves every step of the way. If you want digital design that will make your customers smile, we invite you to dive in with us.

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What we can do for you.

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Digital tools

We create tools that are tailored to your customer’s needs. In the age of online services, beautiful design and smart user interaction will keep your customers coming back. From financial data and HR management to community platforms, we make sure every step is clear and enjoyable for your users.

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Digital experiences

We design digital experiences that your customers will love to use. We can turn a story, survey, or complex set of data into a beautiful, playful interface. But we’re more than just a pretty face – we craft every digital experience using solid analytics to increase your traffic and boost sales.

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We create the visual language that defines your brand. From designing a logo to creating visual content, our primary focus is creating a consistent, recognizable identity across every medium. Every detail counts, because that’s what makes your company, offering and visual brand unique.

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Digital strategies

We shape your digital strategy by aligning insights from user testing and analytics with your wishes and goals. In an ever-changing digital landscape, staying relevant requires an adaptable, multifaceted approach. We’re constantly refining and focus on making concrete optimizations with a clear implementation roadmap.

How we work.

Booreiland about

We think big, but start small.

  • Because great digital design is a team effort, we see each project as a partnership. We want to understand your challenges and motivations, plus have some fun along the way. No matter what we create together, we take a three-step approach of Think – Create – Optimize.

  • Think

    Every successful creation starts by asking the right questions. Whether we’re working on user testing, a creative workshop or a complete digital strategy, we examine the issue from every angle and set clear goals and KPIs to measure the results.

Booreiland About
  • Create

    We make your goals tangible with digital products that combine user flows and beautiful content with clean implementation. Our multidisciplinary process includes interaction and visual design, as well as front and back-end development.

  • Optimize

    The digital world is a dynamic place. To ensure you stay relevant and maximize your results, we keep testing and analyzing the performance of your website or platform. We work closely with you to outline an optimization, maintenance and support plan that matches your needs.

Meet the team.


Menno Huisman

Managing director

As managing director, Menno is responsible for daily operations, new business and account management activities, making him your first point of contact for new projects. With a background in product and digital design, Menno uses his design thinking skills to help you frame your project. He’s also available for any Star Wars related question.

Wimer Hazenberg

Creative director

Wimer is responsible for the design and technical aspects of all of our creations. With a background in artificial intelligence, he has a natural interest in the latest digital developments. Wimer always keeps his eye on the design trends, and his wide-ranging expertise gives us the ability to match creative concepts with the right technologies.

Vivien Kinnear

Digital producer

When it comes to keeping clients happy and ensuring our productions are on time and reaching the right audience, Vivien makes sure we are on the right track. With a background in digital marketing, production and customer care, Vivien’s can-do attitude and Scottish courage help push our services to the next level.

Björn van Ginkel

Digital designer

Björn’s appreciation of classic motorcycles is reflected in his attention to detail. His mind is filled with Tumblr updates, so he’s always aware of what’s new and now. At home, Björn grabs his pencils and brushes to create amazing lettering and drawings, so his talents go well beyond digital.

Toine Kamps

Web developer

Always trying to push the web one step further, coder extraordinaire Toine uses his skills to make astounding digital creations. Front-end, back-end, it’s all the same to him. However, rumor has it that he can only excel when his headphones produce pounding beats with subtle squeaks and cracks. Once he’s in the zone, it’s best not to disturb him.

Floortje Meijer

Digital designer

As a digital designer, Floortje puts her UX and visual design skills to practice, so that we can deliver solid designs with the user in mind. With her Rotterdamse down-to-earth mentality, she ensures our team keeps their feet on the ground. When you need her, let her hit pause on her jazz music and bring by a strong coffee to get on her good side.

Robert Spier

Web developer

As web developer, Robert feels right at home at the intersection of code and design, carefully crafting subtle transitions and animations to enrich the overall user experience. However, he admits he likes to dive into back-end as well. A knowledgeable chap for his age, and we were delighted to discover that he also knows how to have a laugh.

Malgorzata Kozlowska

Web developer

Malgorzata a.k.a. Gosia is a feisty, switched on developer with a creative background. With her impressively quick learning skills and can-do attitude, she’s the extra addition our development team relies on when working on big projects. According to Gosia beer cannot come without sausage.

Clients we work with.